Disney vs Star Wars????

The reports are coming out all over the place over the past few days and it appears that something I have feared for a since the Disney takeover took place is coming to pass.

Since October of last year, when it was announced that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm and that Episode 7 was going to come out in 2015, I was stoked and yet held some reservations. Knowing a little of the backgrounds of both companies, I knew Disney wouldn't waste time pushing the Star Wars brand around to make money and it all starts with episode 7.

Why are you afraid you ask. Let me explain.

Disney announced that Episode 7 in October of 2012, with a release date of 2015.  JJ Abrams was named director in January of this year. No casting has been announced and rumors now state script is at square one with the departure of Michael Arndt. Now this gives them a year and a half assuming they are shooting for a summer 2015 release. 

A year and a half.

For comparison purposes, George Lucas, the creator of the entire Star Wars universe, the man who knows more about Star Wars than anyone on the planet, it took him 3 years to make each movie, and still wasn't content with how they turned out.

Now with this in mind and being up against the clock for that 2015 release, Kathleen Kennedy, the hand picked successor of George Lucas to take over Lucasfilm, has supposedly gone to Bob Iger and Disney and requested to push the release of episode 7 to 2016. Now keep in mind, Iger and Disney both have said there will be a Star Wars film released every year starting in 2015. The rumored response from the Disney about postponing, release will be 2015 or else.

Now I'm starting to freak out a little. 

See I know no matter when they release Star Wars Episode 7, its gonna make money and Disney will be happy for now. Yet, at what cost? What has made Star Wars a success for so many years was the quality of the story telling. The Wars constantly pushed the envelope in production technology, making each movie groundbreaking.  We as Star Wars fans come to expect a level of greatness, a level of quality from our beloved franchise. 

Now with Disney shareholders wanting to start making their money back from their $4 billion purchase, what does this mean for Star Wars? Lucasfilm? What could this mean for other Lucasfilm properties, like Indiana Jones?  Are we gonna end up with more Ewoks so Disney can sell plush dolls in their parks? Are we gonna have an old Jar Jar Binks running around cause the kids think he is funny? Are we gonna end up with a Star Wars version of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Don't get me wrong, I love Indy, but Crystal Skull was lacking and left me wanting.

Disney did so much in the beginning after the take over was announced which turned off a lot fans, canceling the Emmy award winning The Clone Wars, scrapping long awaited video games like 1313, the dismantling of LucasArts. We should have seen this coming. Disney's actions have been money motivated, not fan friendly, not Saga friendly.  And if this story is true, Disney's actions could destroy a long lasting franchise just to make an immediate buck. Their thoughts are on the now and the immediate bottom line not thinking of what their rushed schedule could do the the franchise. If done right, Star Wars can make Disney billions more than the purchased price, but if not, the dark times we saw as fans between Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace will be nothing compared to what could happen if Episode 7 fails.

I think money will win out in this case, but only time will tell what we will get. Ironic, huh? Til then, I'll have to sit back, and see what comes down the ramp.

Live long and prosper, May the Force be with you, 

but more important: GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

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