Happy Thanksgiving

Well it's that time of day that comes around once a year where everyone is in their post turkey comas, the Lions are playing on national TV for the only time this year, and every commercial is trying to entice me to be at their store at the butt crack of dawn to get the best deals of the year. I worked retail for over 10 years, let me let you in on a secret...Black Friday doesn't have the best deals of the year! Sure retailers will tell you it is, and they will have a dozen or so items at an extremely high discounted price, but chances are the number of items are limited and what you truly want isn't on sale. Retailers want you to focus on the sales and "savings" going on tomorrow, but what about the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

It's not the sales. 

It's not the turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, or what ever else is cooked.

The true meaning is family and being able to spend time not only with them, but a time to focus in and be thankful for life, family, friends and other things that make life great. 

So I'm gonna share with you what I'm celebrating this year and what I'm thankful for.

First off I'm thankful for the forgiveness that can only be given by my Loving Savior. That through the sacrifice of His Son, my failures are forgotten, and my future is bright.

I'm thankful for my beautiful wife Shannon, who loves me through my short comings, puts up with my quirks and tolerates my geeky ways. She knows me better than I know myself most times. She empowers my fandom, whether she thinks its stupid or not. She is always there for me and our daughter, making sure we have what we need. She is the perfect wife, the perfect friend, the perfect mother.

I'm thankful my my little princess, Kailynn. She transformed my life in more ways than I ever dreamed becoming a father could. She warms my heart with her smile and has had me wrapped around her finger since her little hand gripped my index finger in the delivery room the day she was born.

I'm grateful for my parents, who raised me in a home where love, respect and Christ were the center of everything. They made sure we were taken care of while making sure no matter what, they loved us unconditionally. They have been there for us no matter where life's turns took us and have helped me over so many bumps I can't count.

I'm grateful for my sister Kim. We never saw eye to eye a lot, we got on each other's nerves quite a bit, and fought like cats and dogs, but I can't imagine growing up with out her. She has given me a life of excitement and made my family larger through her husband Brock and my niece Brimlee.

I'm grateful for my in-laws. How many people can say that? They accepted me into their family without question, and have been there to help Shannon and I through some rough times. They are an incredible group of people I'm so happy to call family.

I'm grateful for so many friends I can't keep count. You guys encourage me, lift me up and entertain me. You open my eyes to new possibilities and tolerate my short comings and quirks. You are all the best friends anyone could ever ask for.

Now for the geek in me to come out.

I'm grateful for George Lucas, for creating his vision Star Wars and for partnering with Steven Spielberg to bring us Indiana Jones.

I'm grateful for Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek.

I'm grateful for Joss Whedon who has given us great hits like Firefly, Avengers, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I'm grateful for John Williams, for the hours and hours of music perfection I get to listen to that he created.

I'm grateful for those who keep mine and other's fandoms entertained and informed. For Jason and Jimmy Mac at Rebel Force Radio, Dan and Cory at Coffee With Kenobi, Mike and Joao from the Cantina Cast, and Steve Glosson from Geek Out Loud.

So much to be grateful for in this life. I should show and tell you all daily but life happens and life slips away. Do yourself a favor today, whether you read this on Thanksgiving, or on another day in the future, take a moment, think about who and what you are grateful for, then let them know! You won't know the joy you may bring to someone just by randomly and letting them know you are thankful for them. It may turn someones day around, it may change someone's life, but I can guarantee you, it will change your out look on life.

I'm grateful for each and everyone one of you.

Until next time.

Live Long and Prosper,

May the Force be with you,

 and most importantly, may God bless each of you richly.

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