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My Top Ten List: My Favorite Episodes Of Star Trek The Next Generation

Yes, I'm doing the typical top ten list. This will probably be the first of several too.

The topic this time is my favorite episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG for short). Now before I proceed, I know I will get this question: "Aaron, why start with Star Trek? Why not do your favorite Clone War episodes?" To them I reply: I will do a Clone Wars top ten for sure, but I'm waiting to see the bonus content, lost missions, or what ever Lucasfilm will wind up calling it, first. So while waiting, lets do Star Trek TNG.

The Next Generation lasted for 7 seasons and produced some great stories. It was the second series in the Star Trek franchise, and one of, if not the, most popular of the series. A stellar cast commanded the Enterprise into a new era and new life.

My Favorite Star Wars Movie....

One thing question I always hear get asked is "what is your favorite Star Wars movie?"  And I have heard every answer under the sun. So that got me thinking which of the movies do I feel is my favorite? Which holds the fondest memories of me?

Now the general consensus is that The Empire Strikes Back is the greatest of the the 6 movies and I would have to agree. ESB is darker, has the start of Han and Leia's romance, Luke's first lightsaber battle, the revelation of Vader's and Luke's relationship, and the introductions to Lando and Yoda. It generated some of the most quotable lines in Saga: "Do or do not, there is not try."; "I love you!" "I know."; "No, I am your father."; and so many more! The unmatchable score by John Williams for the pursuit of the Falcon through the asteroid field is still by far my favorite of all his compositions. And of course, the first appearances of Lando Calrissian and Boba Fett, who is one …

Daddy/Daughter Date Night

So my geek out blogs are usually about geek things: Star Wars, Star Trek, even a recent one was about Muppet Babies. I had every intention to sitting down and writing a blog about the wonders of the Star Wars community of fans....but after tonight, that has been placed on hold. Oh I'll write it eventually, but something happened tonight that made my day, my week, and my month.

I'm talking about a date. Oh yes, I had a date. This was a special date too. I was able to spend the evening with my precious 6 year old daughter Kailynn. What an evening it was!!!! My wife went out for a girls night with a friend, so Kailynn and I went and had a wonderful dinner at Pizza Hut. She was so excited, cause she got to use a free pizza coupon she earned at school for reading some books (she has 2 more on the fridge, she LOVES reading). While we waited on the pizza, we played Hungry Hungry Hippo on my cellphone. We followed it up with ice cream at Dairy Queen and then we came home. Once we got …



Yes, I know I a little late on this, but the end of 2013 and first few days of 2014 have been a little busy with family in town, even though I did squeeze out a quick Muppet blog on New Year's Eve.

Its 2014 now!

Its has the potential to be a great year for us geeks! A new Muppet movie, new Captain America movie. Star Wars Episode 7 is suppose to begin production, Star Wars Rebels premieres, and the long awaited Clone Wars "Bonus Content" is to be released.

What am I expecting as a geek from 2014??

Well for one I expect news galore about Star Wars Episode 7.  With filming suppose to start in the spring, I expect casting news to start in February starting with the Big 3 (Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher) and continuing up til shooting starts. Once it starts, I expect some promo pics from the sets to hype people up, like Hamill brandishing his lightsaber, Ford in his Solo costume.

To Bob Iger: Bring Back Muppet Babies!!!!!

So I had this thought while at work today: Disney owns the Muppets.

Now I know this isn't breaking news and I know that this is something that's been around for a while. Matter of fact, Disney has released one Muppet movie already, and a second one is on its way. The 4-D Muppet attraction is at Hollywood Studios.  We have even had The Muppet Show released on DVD.

So with all of the work Disney has done with the Muppet franchise...why have we not scene the greatest Saturday morning cartoon from the 1980's released yet???

That's right, where are The Muppet Babies?????

You know that show that ran from 1984 to 1991, that follows the Muppets as babies who all live together in a nursery and go on the greatest adventures in their imaginations.