Sunday, April 27, 2014

Life's Little Ups And Downs

I can't believe that I haven't written in so long!  Life has had many turns for my family and I this month. Many good things have happened, unfortunately, some I can't discuss at this time, but with time, announcements can and will be made.  Yet with the good comes the bad, and we have had our downs this month as well.

We are awesomely blessed to have my parents here with us! They moved in back in March and we have enjoyed their company since. I know Kailynn has loved having them here more than anything else recently.

Then not long after, the toilet in the bathroom broke, and flooded a good portion of the house while we were all gone. Flooring was ripped up in my parents room and Kailynn's room, the hallway and half the dining room. Thankfully, no damage to any of the furniture and it was caught before the drywall was damaged. We are now waiting for the new floor to be installed.

Also this month, I started a new shift at work which gives me more time to spend with the family. I can now take my princess to school each morning and am home earlier in the evening to enjoy dinner with the family as well. What a blessing!

I did complete my first blog for Coffee With Kenobi this month as well. Its about how Disney through Star Wars Weekends helped reawaken my love of the saga. The real surprise was a few days after being published on, republished (with permission) my blog. What a spectacular blessing! Definitely opened doors to introduce people to a podcast I have come to enjoy.  Thanks to Dan Zehr and Cory Clubb from Coffee With Kenobi for help making all of this possible! Check out my blog here. I'll be posting some more as we go through May the 4th activities and of course through Star Wars Weekends as well.  I promise, another blog will follow here to update you on all the latest news released. I know I have been running behind, I'm so very sorry.

There is more news, but we have to wait. God is opening doors my family never imagined and we are excited to see where we are being led and what awaits us. Keep us in your prayers and thoughts through these times, and when possible, I will let you all know.

Until then....

Live Long and Prosper,

May the Force be with you,

and most of all, may God bless your lives richly every day.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why have I resisted Dr. Who?

So for years I have heard of Dr. Who and how great of a sci-fi show it was.  Yet, with my fandom of so many other franchises, I didn't want to get tied into a show that has been around since the 60's. That's a lot of seasons to catch up on. Besides, Star Wars has a new show and movie coming out, Star Trek has a new movie in the works, then with all the other franchises that aren't producing anything new: Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Space Above And Beyond; I wouldn't just have the time to squeeze in something else.

So what changed?

Well I started on a new team at work and my new cubicle partner is quite the fangirl. Besides liking Star Trek The Next Generation like me, she is quite the Whovian. So with her encouragement, plus since my free trial of Netflix was still going on from when the 6th season of Star Wars The Clone Wars was released, I bit the bullet and gave the good Doctor a try. Starting with what Netflix calls season 1, which aired in 2005, I began. Come to find out, this is the 9th incarnation of the Doctor, played this time by Christopher Eccleston, I have made it through the first 6 or 7 episodes, plus I caught a replay on the BBC just the other night of the episode entitled Day of the Doctor, which starred the 10th Doctor David Tennant, the 11th Doctor Matt Smith, and the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi.

So after watching these episodes I'm left with this question....