It's coming!!!!!

As you have heard by now, Disney and Lucasfilm has announced the release of season 6, the bonus content, the lost missions of Star Wars The Clone Wars!

Finally we get to see what Dave Filoni had in store for us in the cancelled season 6. But after the outcry of outraged fans, like me, spearheaded by Jimmy Mac from Rebel Force Radio who started the Save The Clone Wars campaign long before the announced cancellation, the decision was reached to provide the episodes that were already done. 

Exciting, right?


Then I heard how they were releasing long anticipated content. All 13 episodes will be released simultaneously through an exclusive deal with Netflix on March 7th. Which is quite awesome! We don't have to wait for each week to go by to see one episode at a time. We can binge watch all the episodes at once, that is, if you have Netflix. Unfortunately, I do not have Netflix. No worries, cause I plan on using the free trial they offer to binge watch all 13 episodes as much as possible before the free trial expires.

To top it off, we have been given by Disney and Lucasfilm the official trailer for the Lost Missions. As if my appetite wasn't starved enough for these episodes, this just pushes me over the edge!!

So March 7th come fast! Once these are released and I have had time to absorb whats in them, I will be giving you my top ten best Clone Wars arcs.

One other thing, Jimmy Mac from Rebel Force Radio, who lead the charge in the Save The Clone Wars campaign has started the Thank Disney campaign for listening to our outcry and giving us these episodes when they didn't have too. You can read how you say thanks by getting some details from their Facebook page found at Take a moment and be thankful for what we have been given.

Until then....

Live long and prosper,

May the Force be with you,

and may God bless you all richly!

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