A Geek Moment

So if you know me well, you know I'm a geek. I'm one of those strange geeks that doesn't have a problem loving both Star Wars and Star Trek. You always hear you have to choose between the two, but I'm here to say that's not true. I am huge fan of both for many reasons and through the blog, you will see a geek moment posted which will give some insight into my enjoyment of each, but for now, I must focus on Star Wars.

With Episode 7 fast approaching, its an exciting time for anyone who is a fan of the Saga. For most of us, 2015 cannot come fast enough, but its still a ways away. So in the mean time, I have been biding my time till then with re-watching the Saga, yes all 6 movies (I do like the prequels too), re-watching The Clone Wars TV show, loading my iPhone up with all the John William's scores I can get my hands on, as well as listening to great Star Wars Podcasts like Coffee With Kenobi, Rebel Force Radio, and the Cantina Cast. All provide different insights and are well done.

What I wanted to get off my chest today was a realization that I came to the other day while listening to episode 36 of the Cantina Cast. Hosts Mike and Joao were discussing quotes from the movies and this episode it was a quote from The Empire Strikes Back. Lets set the scene, Luke Skywalker has just taken off in his X-Wing fighter from Dagobah on his way to Cloud City to rescue Han Solo and Princess Leia from the clutches of Darth Vader  and the Empire. In his dust he leaves the Force ghost of Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi and Yoda. As they watch his fighter soar into the sky and disappear, Ben Kenobi says "That boy is our last hope." To which Yoda responds "No. There is another."

Its Yoda's response that got me thinking. "No. There is another."

Now for years, Star Wars fans have assumed that the other Yoda spoke of was Luke's twin sister Leia. I made the same assumptions for years, until that episode of the Cantina Cast got me thinking. This was a quote picked by Joao who presented a compelling idea that maybe the future held something more besides the other being Leia. Its an interesting conversation they have, so definitely check it out if you get a moment. Joao's discussion though got me thinking. What if the other wasn't Leia? Who could the other hope for the galaxy be? Who could be the other hope that could bring Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader to his knees. Then it hit me. Ahsoka Tano. Now if you have no idea who I am talking about, then you have never watched Clone Wars, so go watch it.

Ahsoka Tano, for the non Clone Wars watchers, was Anakin Skywalker's padawan learner.

Now to understand where I am coming from, episode 3 of Coffee With Kenobi, the discussion was about Jedi and attachments. Part of the discussion in that show was Anakin's attachments triggering his fall to the Dark Side and the ease of him turning his back on the Jedi Order. Anakin had 3 major attachments which affected his life, his mother, then Ahsoka, and Padme. He lost all 3 of them. His mother was killed by the Tusken Raiders, Ahsoka walked away from the Jedi Order after being pushed away by the Jedi Counsel, and then his fear of losing Padme due to his dreams cause tip over the edge.

Now Ahsoka just walked away. No one know what happened to her. But what if Yoda meant she was the other. After order 66, and the end of Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan stayed on Tatooine to keep an eye on Luke, but what if Yoda kept track of Ahsoka after she walked away from the order after the end of the Clone Wars. What if he knew she was still alive and in hiding. Isn't it plausible that someone Anakin thought he lost could bring him back? I can picture it in my head, Vader standing there on some planet somewhere, barking out orders to some lowly Imperial officer when the doors of the garrison open to reveal a hooded Ahsoka. Can you imagine the tightness in his chest as the hood is pulled back to reveal his aged padawan. I'm getting chills thinking about this.  Imagine how different the Saga would be at this point.

Who knows what could have been, but the ideas are amazing and endless. For now we march forward, closer to the release of Star Wars Rebels, and then Episode 7 and beyond. In the mean time check out Coffee with Kenobi, the Cantina Cast, and Rebel Force Radio to stay up to date on all things Star Wars and Episode 7. The Force is strong with the Saga right now. I can't wait.

May the Force be with you,

Live Long and Prosper,

and most importantly, God Bless you all.

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