Star Wars Weekends 2014 Dates


Finally announced by Disney the dates of the of the 2014 Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida. Now, I've had a lot going on and didn't post when this announcement broke on Friday, but here you go:

Weekend #1: May 16-18
Weekend #2: May 23-25
Weekend #3 May 30-June 1
Weekend #4: June 6-8

Now as of right now, nothing has been announced in the way of guest, but as I hear I'll post. I plan on being there every weekend. With Star Wars Rebel's being released not long after, I expect to there to be some news about the upcoming show. In my wildest dreams hopefully even a trailer and even some of the voice talent there as well. We will have to wait to see if Disney makes those dreams come true.

Of course, it wouldn't be Star Wars Weekends without the hosting talents of James Arnold Taylor and Ashley Eckstein. So I'm definitely hoping that Disney brings them back as host. James's Obi-Wan and Beyond show he has done during the weekends in the past is phenomenal and hopefully I will get to see it again. Ashley and James both play off each other so well in the Beyond the Force stage show. I guess that comes from years of working together on the Clone Wars. 

As more information comes available, I'll post it. Until then.....

Live Long and Prosper,

May the Force be with you,

and may God bless you richly.

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