Star Wars Rebels: Teaser Trailer

So tonight Disney and Lucasfilm released a short 16 second teaser for the upcoming animated TV show Star Wars Rebels. Its the highly anticipated show that is the first project for Dave Filoni, who was praised as the supervising director of the Emmy award winning Star Wars The Clone Wars. Here is the teaser below, my thoughts to follow.

So here is the breakdown. I have watched this about a dozen times since it appeared on YouTube and I have to admit, it succeeded in its job. It teased me and now I want more. But in teasing, it did give us some, have ever so slight, insight into the new show but also left me questioning some things.

What I liked the most about this teaser is how it begins. Looked a lot like the opening scene of A New Hope when the Tantive IV came cruising across the screen trying to escape from the massive Imperial Star Destroyer over Tatooine. In the teaser you have the planet below which remotely looks like Tatooine and slicing through the space above, an Imperial star destroyer, flying to the beat of the Imperial March before breaking in the the classic John Williams Star Wars theme.  If they would have just played the music and had the Star Destroyer I would have been overjoyed...but they didn't just leave it there. 

Now what I didn't like, dump the announcer. You are telling me they couldn't get the great Tom Kane to do the voice over? Tom Kane who has said during an interview with Jimmy Mac from Rebel Force Radio on the episode from September 13, 2013 that he would be involved in some unknown way with Rebels, wasn't available to just run a 15 second promo???? Come on! Who ever this guy is in the promo is fine....for something else other than Star Wars! Vocally he was missing something that makes this feel more Star Wars.

Then the logo. Don't get me wrong, I love the Rebels logo, but to have it hitching a ride on the Star Destroyer and detaching from the aft of the ship before it jumps to hyperspace is, to quote Mike from the Cantina Cast, is cheesy! Should have had the dominating presence of the star destroyer fly through, then as she jumps to hyperspace the logo appears from the flash of the jump. Then having the logo turn on it back and jump to hyperspace itself was just repetitive. It works, not sure how I would have had the logo disappear that's better than what was done, but I just didn't like have 2 things jumping into hyperspace in the same 15 second promo within 4 seconds of each other.

Now for the narrative.

"To battle the Empire, a rebel alliance will form,"   Duh! Tell us something that we haven't been told already. Its pretty much public knowledge that this will be story of a group of rebels fighting the Empire and they will be on a ship called the Ghost, which looks pretty wicked. Check it out.

"The Jedi will rise,"  WHAT???? Now we know that Rebels takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. We know that Yoda is in hiding on Dagobah and Obi-Wan is in hiding on Tatooine. We know that Order 66 was to eliminate the Jedi so Palpatine could complete his rise to power, and that Darth Vader hunted the remaining Jedi to extinction. Also we are lead to believe that Luke Skywalker is the last Jedi after Yoda dies. Sooooo what Jedi are going to rise???? The Rebel Alliance was loaded with Jedi fighting the Empire. It was the people rising up against oppression. They wanted the help of the Jedi, which is why in A New Hope, Leia is dispatched to ask Obi-Wan for help, but they didn't have it. Here is the issue I have with this statement, I don't want to see a show of Jedi fighting the Empire, especially since they are suppose to be destroyed and scattered. Although, I think it would be awesome to have Vader hunting down the Jedi in the show, I don't believe Disney will do this cause its too dark. I fear because Disney is motivated by the almighty dollar and the build a saber area at the parks and the lightsabers you can buy in the stores are profitable, we will have a regular character in the show who is a Jedi. Now the question is who? Since Dave Filoni is involve and Ahsoka Tano is his creation, will we see Ahsoka as apart of the founding of the Rebellion?

"and you will know the power of the Force."  Again, WHAT??? See paragraph above. Force use means Sith and Jedi. Vader and Palpatine will be force users but I hope not to see them in the picture often. I want Imperial officers running the show. Maybe covering the early command of Admiral Piett or Ozzel perhaps. 

Even with these issues I have with the trailer, over all, Disney and Lucasfilm set out to wet our appetite and leave us wanting for more. Overall, they succeeded. I'm now interested in hearing what Pablo Hidalgo will say at the Rebels Panel at New York Comic Con this coming weekend. I just can't wait!  Bring on Rebels in 2014 and bring on Episode 7 in 2015!!! Star Wars fans, we have some exciting years ahead! Bring it on!!!

May the Force be with you.

and more importantly, God Bless you.

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