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Family Geek Out

So other than the Wars and other sci-fi franchises I geek out on, the most important part of my like I geek out on the most is my family, and today was geek out day, family style! Now the only way Star Wars played a part in my day was my shirt: Darth Vader standing all regal surrounded by several stormtroopers, with Chewbacca photo bombing behind them, with a big red foam finger that reads "Rebels #1". The geek out was a full day spent with my princess, my 6 year old Kailynn. Yes, I know it's a Monday, but it was a teacher work day so she had the day off. So we spent the day together.

First we went to Chuck E Cheese, and boy did we hit the jackpot. I will tell you a secret. If you get there when they open and have just turned on the games, the games cycle through and spit out anywhere from 1 to 25 tickets and the employees just leave them there! So before dropping a single cent, Kailynn started off with about 150 tickets. After about 2 hours, she totaled out with 420 tic…

So Surreal

So its been almost a year since the announcement of Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm and the announcement of Episode 7. So much has happened since then: the end of the Emmy award winning show The Clone Wars, announcement of the new Star War Rebels show, J.J. Abrams announced as director and the great John Williams announced as composing the soundtrack for Episode 7.  
All these things have left my fandom in a surreal state. The level of anticipation and excitement have me on the edge of my seat, grasping for news of any kind about the movie and the new show. I'm on such a high, it feels like at any moment, I'm gonna wake up and it will all have been a dream.  Every time I hear an announcement I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm still awake.  
With us closing in on the end of 2013, more announcements are on the way. Filming for Episode 7 begins in early 2014, and no cast has been announced yet, which means.....its coming soon. More stills are being released about S…

Star Wars Rebels: Teaser Trailer

So tonight Disney and Lucasfilm released a short 16 second teaser for the upcoming animated TV show Star Wars Rebels. Its the highly anticipated show that is the first project for Dave Filoni, who was praised as the supervising director of the Emmy award winning Star Wars The Clone Wars. Here is the teaser below, my thoughts to follow.