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Major Harris Family News

Shannon and I have been discussing how to make this news public. We have been sitting on it for a while, not saying anything on social media. Some family and friends already know what has been been going on in our lives over the last several months, and once you read this you will understand why my presence on Twitter, Facebook, and even blogging here has been sporadic at best.

Lets start at the beginning.  For several years now, Shannon and I have been attempting to grow our family. We definitely didn't want Kailynn to be an only child and she has requested of us and of Santa each year to get her a baby sister. Yet, after many frustrating years, thousands of dollars spent, and a lot of praying, nothing. Only thing Shannon's doctor could do was refer us to an infertility specialist who wouldn't be covered under insurance. So we were pretty bummed. The thought of not having another baby was quite devastating to say the least. So about a year ago we started discussing other …