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My MegaCon 2014 Experience

So at the last minute, at the behest of my friend Robbie and his brother Angelo, I headed out Saturday morning for to the Orange County Convention Center to attend Megacon 2014. The announcement of my trip to Megacon scored more likes on Facebook than I expected and to be perfectly honest, I had no clue what to expect. Sure, I have been to several conventions....through my church...and they were nothing like this. So this was my first official con. Robbie and Angelo had attended several over the years, from Megacon to multiple Star Wars Celebrations. I had heard stories of conventions past, but to experience the excitement, craziness and pure fandom at a convention is unparalleled. Besides Robbie and Angelo, I knew no one.

So Robbie picked me up early Saturday morning and off we went to Orlando. Angelo, being an active member in the Rebel Legion, was already over at the convention center attending to booth the Legion had set up. We arrived, thinking the convention started at 9 A.M. a…

My First Star Wars Weekends Geek Out!

Just announced on the official Disney blog: Luke Skywalker himself, The talented Mark Hamill will be a guest for this years Star Wars Weekends for weekend #4, which runs from June 6-8!!!! The Jedi Master is the first guest announced to date. James Arnold Taylor was announced as host again this year a few weeks ago. As more news is announced, I'll be posting it. Plus look for some Star Wars Weekend blogs coming soon to as the build to the fastest 5 weeks of my life are coming up. 
Until then,
Live long and prosper,
May the Force be with you,
And most importantly, may God bless you richly!

Star Wars Weekends 2014 is coming!!!

Its the most wonderful time of the year!
Mickey Mouse is a Jedi,
Stitch is a Sith Lord,
and long lines at Star Tours,
Oh is the most wonderful time of year!!!

Thats right folks, Star Wars Weekends (SWW) is back for 2014! Back with a vengeance. This year, Disney has extended SWW from the traditional 4 weekends to 5 weeks this year as Disney and Lucasfilm are ramping up the promotional pace as the premiere of Star Wars Rebels approaches!