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NCAA Playoff Rant

First off, I want to apologize for this blog up front.  This is the first post in a while and I'm gonna be complaining so I'm sorry upfront. 
Lets talk NCAA football. 
For years college football fans, myself included, clamored for a more fair system to replace the Bowl Championship Series. For me, the nail in the coffin of the BCS was several years ago when undefeated Boise State was blocked from the championship game for a single loss team. This, in my opinion was a colossal failure and injustice. Because Boise State came from a "weaker" conference, they weren't considered as good as teams from the SEC, ACC, or other conferences who had lost one or even 3 games. They still ran the gambit, ended their season without a single loss and wasn't given their fair shot at the National Championship because of their "strength of schedule".
Fast forward to now. We are in the thick of the new NCAA football season and its new playoff system. The system that rep…